For more than 130 years, the crankshaft has been utilized in internal combustion engines to transfer the reciprocating linear motion of the pistons to rotary motion so it’s available for propulsion, pumping and power production.

The function of the crankshaft design represents a major shortcoming in the transfer of motion, due to the limitations of its inherent geometry, creating numerous inefficiencies and negative impacts in the overall design of the engine.

The CV (Constant Velocity) engine design replaces the crankshaft with a Powershaft & Rodrack Assembly. The CV engine design produces as much as 58% more torque than a crankshaft-based engine producing equal power, while cutting fuel consumption by more than half and slashing exhaust emissions by more than 70%.

The Constant Velocity Motion Technology is the solution to nearly all of the inherent design and functional limitations created by the geometric inefficiencies of crankshaft-based engines, pumps, compressors, air motors, hydro-generators and other applications, both existing and yet to be invented.

The CV Technology represents endless product innovation opportunities.

Internal Combustion Engines
Air Motors
Pumps & Compressors

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