Thank you for your interest in CV Global and the Constant Velocity Motion Technology. You can participate as a manufacturer that incorporates this technology into your products, as a market end user, such as a large fleet operator, that specifies the technology for use in products you purchase such as trucks or heavy equipment, or as an investor who’d like to support the adoption of this world changing, patented technology, so you can be rewarded while directly helping to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.


An unprecedented opportunity now exists to be the first to market with this technology, allowing you to rapidly gain market share, while delivering compelling benefits to your customers that relegate the competition to playing catch-up. The CV Motion Technology intellectual property may be acquired via a license and royalty arrangement. Extremely favorable financial and “first-to-market” terms are available to companies in any available market or industry segment. Joint development arrangements and master license agreements for industry segments are available.

Market End Users

Whether you operate a fleet of heavy equipment, ocean cargo ships, diesel-electric locomotives, delivery and transport vehicles or any other product currently utilizing an internal combustion engine, cutting fuel consumption by as much as half can translate to millions or even billions of dollars saved annually, depending on fleet size and miles driven. Slashing emissions by greater than 70% is not only good for the environment but also demonstrates your commitment to operating as a responsible firm and sends a very “green” message to your customers and employees. Market end users that utilize internal combustion engines can team with manufacturers to ensure this technology is incorporated into your future specifications as you update and upgrade your fleet or other engine-based products. Market end users can receive assistance in developing specifications that incorporate the ability to produce the same power from a smaller displacement engine that requires less space and weighs far less than the engines currently in use in their fleets.


Direct stock investment in CV Global, Inc., a subchapter S corporation, is available to qualified investors. Please request an Investor Package via the Contact page and one of our team will get in touch with you.


CV Global Inc. Patent Portfolio for the CV Engine Technology

CV Global Inc. Patent Portfolio for the CV Pump/Compressor Technology

Patents applied for and are pending


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