CV Hydro-Drive

The Constant Velocity Hydro-Drive is a positive displacement piston driven mechanism that uses nearly 100% of the incoming water flow to power a generator to produce electricity.

The height of the column of water and the pressure it produces is used to power the CV Hydro-Drive or the typical turbine drive units. The key issue is the amount of energy produced by the volume of water utilized.

The CV Hydro-Drive is calculated to require less than 20% of the volume of water needed to generate the same amount of electricity produced by turbine based hydro generators today.

Internal Combustion Engines
Air Motors
Pumps & Compressors

Benefits of CV Hydro-Drive over conventional hydro power generators

  • Expected to use only 30% of the water required to generate the same amount of electricity produced by turbine based hydro generators today
  • Ability to release only modest amounts of additional water to meet peak electrical demand
  • Ability to match water usage to power demand by engaging & disengaging multiple CV Hydro Drive units on the same common power shaft
  • Ability to perform maintenance of individual CV Hydro-Drive units without taking the entire power generating system offline
  • Reduced water consumption to produce the same power allows reservoir levels to be restored and maintained, recapturing and preserving the economic benefits of lost recreational activities and tourism and providing a future reserve of power generating water
  • Produces clean & consistent electricity, virtually unaffected by fluctuating power demands
  • CV Hydro-Drive units are expected to be less expensive to produce, install and maintain compared to hydro generation mechanisms in use today

The Future of Hydropower Design


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